Rohtas Fort – A Cultural and Historical Tourists’ Destination

Rohtas Fort locally known as Qila Rohtas is a historical fort situated near Jhelum Punjab, Pakistan. Rohtas fort was constructed by Raja Todar Mal by the orders of Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri to restrain the mutinous tribes from the northern Punjab. This fort covers approximately 4 km area.

Rohtas fort is situated between the mountains region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and plains of Punjab. It is situated 16 km in north-west of Jhelum and 7 km away from Dina. This fort is 2660 ft above sea level and covers area of 12.63 acres in total.

Rohtas fort has so much attraction for those who love to visit historical places. This fort is a great asset laying in Pakistan. If you’d like to visit this historical fort, you can visit it in any weather. As I have described earlier that it is just 7 km away from Dina located on National Highway (N-5). I must say that you should have to visit this beautiful fort.

Video About History of Rohtas Fort in Urdu:

Rohtas Fort Route Map:

Rohtas Fort Route Map

Rohtas Fort in Pictures:

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