History of English Literature Solved MCQs Part 2

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History of English Literature Solved MCQs Part 2

  1. The story of the Trojan War, a bloody conflict, is immortalized in ‘Ilaid’ by:





  1. The story of the Adventures of Ulysses is told by Homer in:




Oedipus Rex

  1. The legend of the Holy Grail forms the mythical background to T.S. Eliot’s:

The Waste Land

Four Quartets

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

The Dry Salvages

  1. Northumbrian, Mercian, Kentish, and West Sexon were the four main dialects of English in:


The Old English Period

Age of Milton

Victorian Age

  1. Which is the representative poem of the Old English Period?




None of these

  1. Pick the important poems of the Old English Period:

‘Widsith’ and ‘Waldere’

The Flight at Finsburh

The Battle of the Brunanburh

All of the above

  1. ‘Universal History of Orosius” by Alfred, ‘Calloquian’ by Aelfric and ‘Homibic’ by Wulfeven are the famous prose-works of:


Victorian Age

Fourteenth Century

Anglo-Saxon Literature

  1. Which literary aspect was dominating in the Middle English Period?



Both of the above

None of the above

  1. In many ways Middle English Period is the period of:



Both of the above

Permanent Values

  1. ‘Ormulun’, ‘The Owl and the Nightingale’ and ‘The Cursor Mundi’ are the Chief religious and didactic poems of:

Old English Period

Middle English Period


Modern age

  1. ‘The Pearl’ with a mixture of allegory and symbolism written in Middle English Period is the first English:





  1. The Matter of England, The Matter of Britain and the Matter of Rome the Great and the group dealing with the Charelmagne legends, are the Chief romances of the:


Middle English Period

Old English Period


  1. ‘Ancrene Riwle’ is one of the most notable work in prose, produced early in the:

Tenth Century

Thirteenth Century

Fourteenth Century

Fifteenth Century

  1. The Miracle and Morality Plays were very popular in:


Victorian Age

Middle English Period

Old English Period

  1. ‘A Vision of Piers the Plowman’ holds and important place in English literature written by one of the greatest poets of the Middle Ages:

John Gower



William Langland

  1. Chaucer’s importance in the development of English literature is very great because he:

Removed poetry from the region of Metaphysics

Made poetry hold as “Twere the mirror up to nature”

Both of the above

Introduced poetry with the region of Metaphysics and Technology

  1. What is modern note in the age of Chaucer?

Sharper Spirit of Criticism

A more searching interest in man’s affairs

Less complacent thought

All of the above

  1. What were the social and religious conditions of English society in the age of Chaucer?

Social unrest

Beginning of a new religious movement

New learning

All of the above

  1. In how many stages the Chaucerian poems are divided?





  1. What are the Chief traits of ‘The Prologue’?

Masterpiece of insight

Subtle humour

Its dramatic realism and life-likeness

All of the above


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