5 Most Effective Ways to Lose Bally Fat

Here are some best ways to lose belly fat in a month. Fat belly is a worst thing of a body that ruins our body figure. Everyone with a fat belly wish to get rid of it. So, those people who are willing to lose belly fat can try some following tips. It will surely work.

5 Most Effective Ways to Lose Bally Fat

5 Most Effective Ways to Lose Bally Fat


Exercise is very essential for many reasons. It help us to live a long, healthy life and to avoid diseases. If we think about losing belly fat by aerobic exercises then it will be the best option ever. The study shows that aerobic exercises ( like swimming, running and walking etc) have been proved very effective in reduction of belly fat.

The aerobic exercises can help a lot in losing belly faster than other tips because losing belly fat is not easy and quick but it takes months to get loose. By continuing this exercise will help you to get better result in about 2 months.


To lose belly, you must have to avoid calorie consumption because without avoiding calorie intake you do not even have to imagine about reducing belly fat. Taking high calorie foods and doing exercises of reducing belly will never cause any reduction. Calculate your daily calorie consumption by having a calorie calculator. Write down daily how many calories you are consuming in a day.

2200 calories for men and 2000 calories for women are best estimate per day. It will lose two pounds per week. By calculating calories, you’ll be able to control much consumption of it.


Most of the fibers are effective in losing body weight. A research have shown that consuming more than 14 grams of fiber per day may help a lot in decreasing 10 % calories and 2 kg of weight lose in a month. Dietary fiber is mostly indigestible plant matter.

The best source of fiber is taking more fruits and vegetables everyday, legumes and some cereals like oats are also a good source of it.


If you have a fat belly then you should have to use stairs instead of elevators and should walk instead of driving. Try to increase your daily steps. Stand up and walk for 30 minutes by counting your steps. The more you walk more you will reduce your belly. Try to take as long steps as you can for fast result.


The study have shown that foods like these cherries can help to increase melatonin levels in the body. Tart cherries have many of melatonin ( sleep hormones), that may help in reducing fat. By taking tart cherries daily would be effective in reducing your belly. Make your time to take tart cherry juice after waking up, before having breakfast. And take another glass of it in the evening. You’ll surely see better result after few days.

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