100000 E Tickets Issued by NH&MP To Commuters

The current era is the era of science and technology. National Highways & Motorways Police is a well known and esteemed police force of Pakistan. Basic duties of NH&MP are to provide free flow of traffic to the road users and make their journey safe.

National Highways & Motorways Police has adopted new technology of E-Ticketing on Motorways and Highways and so far they have issued 100,000 E-Tickets to the commuters in different violations. This initiative has been taken under the 1st segment of the modern e-ticketing system fashioned on the dexterity and collaboration of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

Deputy Inspector General Mirza Faran Baig said during operation briefing session on Tuesday at Zonal Office Lahore, before this NH&MP was using conventional paper ticketing system for commuters who violated the traffic rules. In this system a police patrol officer will carry a handheld device connected with central data server which is located in Islamabad.

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